Leak Repair

Repair or replace any DWV drainage waste vent piping or portable water piping, PEX, Copper, PVC, CPVC.

Water leaks are a very common problem that many businesses suffer in Reading, MA. Hot & Cold Plumbing & Heating LLC offers an efficient solution with our detailed and efficient plumbing services. If you are in need for our leak repair service, we can easily help you with solving your problem.

Most water leaks are caused from a poor construction, older buildings or corrosion. With a simple ground movement, your pipes can be damaged, even if you have recently constructed home. If you have come across water spots on your ceiling, underground leak or leaky pipes, call our plumber and we can easily and quickly fix your water leak.

If you happen to receive a high water bill but don’t know why, call Hot & Cold Plumbing & Heating LLC for efficient leak repair. Our professional and emergency plumbing service can easily find any hidden pipes and can help you avoid having water loss and dangerous mold growth. We’re proud to provide affordable leak repairs for our residential clients of Reading, MA!